Twelixir: My First Elixir Hex Package

Being in this open-source community. I’m always fascinated by people willing to share their knowledge and make development a lot easier. Me being at the receiving end (most of the time), I somehow want to do the same, I’ve always wanted to contribute and create my own elixir hex package, at least in my own little way possible, help other developers too.

After developing a LiveView Chat App, I was tasked to integrate Twilio Conversations API onto it, I tried to look for packages available but I can’t find anything for the Twilio Conversation API specifically, so I thought, this is the chance I’ve been waiting for.

With the approval of the developer I am working with this, let me introduce you to:


Twilio Conversations API Integration for Elixir


The package can be installed by adding twelixir to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
{:twelixir, “~> 0.1.0”}


def deps do
{:httpoison, “~> 1.8”},
{:jason, “~> 1.2”}


Go to your /config.exs and setup twelixir config keys:

config :twelixir,
twilio_access_token_id: “YOUR_TWILIO_ACCESS_TOKEN_ID”,
twilio_secret_key: “YOUR_TWILIO_SECRET_KEY”


defmodule YourAppModule do

alias Twelixir
def your_method(your_friendly_name, your_attrs) do
response = Twelixir.create_conversation(your_friendly_name, your_attrs)
# response = %{
# “attributes” => your_attrs,
# “date_created” => “2021–02–25T09:01:41Z”,
# “date_updated” => “2021–02–25T09:01:41Z”,
# “friendly_name” => your_friendly_name,
# “links” => %{
# “messages” => “",
# “participants” => “",
# “webhooks” => “"
# },
# “messaging_service_sid” => “MXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,
# “state” => “active”,
# “timers” => %{},
# “unique_name” => nil,
# “url” => “"
# }



This is just a small project of mine, and not 100% complete, I’m not really sure If I can maintain this on my own, but It's a good start, right 😅 ?

Hope this package can find someone(a developer) looking for the same thing, just like me a week ago. Thank you!

Happy Coding!!




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