Phoenix LiveView: Chat App with TailwindCSS and POW Auth (Boilerplate)

With my latest discovery of Phoenix LiveView and a fresh mind from Pragmatic Studio’s Phoenix LiveView tutorial, I challenged myself to create a fully functional chat application.

And in addition to that, I’ve added an authentication layer using POW Auth and install TailwindCSS.

This project is a great boilerplate if you’re planning to build your own chat application or you’re just starting to learn LiveView just like me.

Features Included:

- Authentication using POW Auth
- Integrate TailwindCSS Framework
- Realtime Messaging (LiveView, PubSub)
- Unread messages counter (automatically reads all messages when the conversation was open)
- Latest message preview (beside unread messages counter)
- Search conversation feature
- Messages grouped by date sent


Happy Coding!!!




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Alvin Rapada

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